Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

SocaMotion has taken its place on the Eastern Parkway and we’re not looking back!

We have moved from our location in Clinton Hill to a new gym  on the Parkway: New You Aerobics & Fitness.  It is located on 1128 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn right off of the Utica Ave subway station and provides air-conditioned comfort and shiny, new machines for our SocaMovers.     This is the second branch of New You.   The first is located on Utica Ave and Winthrop.   There are professional personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and top-notch classes provided at both locations.   Now, SocaMotion Fitness and Wellness has partnered with New You to provide in-demand classes of a wide variety you didn’t even know was possible with soca.

Being on Eastern Parkway is important to the mission of SocaMotion.  Eastern Parkway is the home of the West Indian Day Parade and runs through the heart of the Caribbean community in New York.   We are committed to maxing up Soca music and the progress of our Caribbean Family and know the power of what we have created.   SocaMotion will take Soca 2 The World and share our fitness model that provides results in while you are having lots of fun!

Check back as we feature the history of the Parade and highlight Eastern Parkway and the treasures along the way that you may not see when thousands of people fill the streets for Labor Day Carnival.

Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway


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