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From its start in  Summer 2010, SocaMotion was created to provide a balanced approach to nutrition and exercise that would be a great benefit for those trying to lose weight.     Just as we developed a variety of classes – such as SocaStetix™ and SocaFlags™ – that embraced different kinds of soca music and offered choices for different tastes and fitness levels, SocaMotion found a way to encourage healthy weight loss with a Caribbean flair.    Hence, the SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge was born as a twist on the Biggest Loser concept and the trend of weight loss challenges that are community-based versions and could be integrated with our fun classes.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight before knows first hand that when it comes to achieving results exercise is  helpful, but diet is essential.

The Caribbean diet features fresh, natural ingredients and tasty ways to lose weight

Even the best designed exercise program that integrates cardio exercise with toning through use of body weight  or held weights has limited effectiveness without coupling with a well thought-out diet plan.   There is no one-size-fits-all approach to either aspect of health, so SocaMotion provides a variety of classes all using different kinds of Soca music, and then has created a program in the SocaSLIMDOWN™ that uses collective nutritional knowledge and stepwise progression to encourage healthy choices.

SocaSLIMDOWN is like a Caribbean Biggest Loser challenge

The SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge started in late September and will end in February 2011 to span 5 months.   Those who got involved early were encouraged to make small changes that built upon each other and could become lifestyle habits rather than crash dieting.    Even for those who are now joining the Challenge, there is another 3 months until the end of the competition that coincides well with the timing of Trinidad Carnival in early March 2011.   It was created by the founder of SocaMotion, Onya West, to highlight the most effective practices in weight loss shown through research of past challenges, health articles, and her own experiences.    Meetings are held every two weeks after SocaRobix aerobics classes and participants are motivated with healthy competition for small monthly prizes – such as a free massage – and an enticing grand prize.

SocaMotion's way to encourage healthy diet choices

The grand prize includes:

  • a 5-night stay in Tobago at Birdie’s Nest Guesthouse,
  • a 1-Yr Gym membership with personal training by owner of gym franchise New You Aerobics & Fitness, Richie
  • Beauty products by The Sud Bar®
  • Free SocaMotion™ classes
  • and cash prizes gathered from portion of the registration fees

The SocaSLIMDOWN™ has unique features including tasty Caribbean recipes gathered from external sources or developed by Onya, who is a Caribbean foodie.   Other effective tools that are used to support the success of participants include food journaling, online support groups, reminder calls, and tracking of results.   All of the recipes encourage variety in meal choices, natural ingredients, and tropical ingredients that infuse flavor without additional calories.   Competition is the greatest motivator especially with enticing prizes and additional prizes that share the wealth and make the effort worthwhile for all.

Balanced weight loss in time for Carnival

Those who take advantage of the SocaSLIMDOWN™ and the SocaMotion™ workouts get balanced support towards achieving their weight loss goals.    There is something for most almost everyone with classes that accommodate fitness levels from beginner to advanced.   There are also many options of different instructors and locations in Brooklyn and Queens, NY.    All of this would help anyone fighting cabin fever through the winter months of New York, but there is also an added benefit for anyone who is lucky enough to go to Carnival in Trinidad.

Someone who is a virgin to Carnival in Trinidad or any other Caribbean nation will be well prepared for any festivity or marathon of partying.    Each class starts with “chipping” which is a way of “dance-walking” that has been used by Carnival participants for years to keep walk the long distances while keeping pace with the music produced by music trucks or percussion sections.     They then go through the phases the mirror the 4 days around Trinidad Carnival from a warm-up through J’ouvert, to increased pace on Carnival Monday, to the intense energy of Carnival Tuesday, to a cool-down of Ash Wednesday.    Onya has “played mas” since the age of  6 through the streets of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and also in Washington DC, Boston, New York, Toronto, Antigua, and Barbados.   Many of the other instructors are veterans of other carnivals including Lyonesque and Flames who are both from Barbados, and Davin who has participated in carnival in Boston, Miami, New York and Trinidad.    These experiences and spirit permeates every SocaMotion™ class and can help participants prepare for their first or most recent festival while living abroad.

Individual from Ramajay at Labor Day Carnival 2010

A fete in the gym?

Aspects of Carnival that typical of any fete, or large Caribbean party, or Caribbean culture are taken to the next level in order to isolate certain body parts.  SocaFlags™ is a great example of this.  Flags of different sizes are used by fete-goers or entertainers to represent an individual, groups, or even countries.   SocaFlags™ mimics the movements used in the fete, by flag bearers in Panorama, and even the big flag seen flowing above fetes all for the purpose of fatiguing and toning the arms and shoulders.

SocaMotion™ tries to provide as many outlets as possible for people who looking to lose weight in a way that doesn’t feel like work.   Good food and fun exercise draws the person back for more and results are automatic.   The news is spreading through multiple locations in Brooklyn and Queens with more to come.   The one critical element that cannot be provided by external group is the will to put in the effort.  That can only come from the individual.

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