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SocaSLIMDOWN™ Monthly Winners!

We have reached the half-way point in the SocaSLIMDOWN™, a weight loss challenge put on by SocaMotion™ to encourage healthy weight loss featuring Caribbean cuisine.   The challenge lasts for 5 months and has a great grand prize of a 5-night stay at Birdie’s Nest Guesthouse in Tobago that is the motivating force for most who enroll, but there are also monthly prizes to share the good fortune and level the playing field.

SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge by SocaMotion

The first monthly winner, Christine, lost the most weight in the first month.   Christine put in a lot of hard work with cardio through SocaMotion classes including SocaFlags, SocaStetix and SocaRobix as well as miles on the treadmill.  That hard work paid off when she won a free chair massage by Frances Dunston that was given at the New You Aerobics and Fitness in Brooklyn.    Frances explained the benefits of massage therapy beyond just feeling good to include ways that it can improve flexibility, prevent injury, ease back pain, help with immunity and also improve mental health.   Christine thoroughly enjoyed the massage and was the envy of everyone else in the SocaSlimdown.   This kicked the competition into high gear just before the Thanksgiving holidays.

During the Thanksgiving holidays, all the SocaSlimmers struggled.   It’s hard not to slip up with all of that food available.   We focused on portion control and increasing our intake of vegetable, but at some point you’ll ask to pass the stuffing.   The key for this difficult period was to stay focused on the goals and maintain steady progress so that no one gained weight.   Based on the measurements at the December meeting, all were successful in doing that.

Cold weather and holiday goodies are the main obstacles around this time.    We try to find ways to fight the urge to indulge in pastries and creamy foods that seem to comfort against the bitter cold.    We also found ways to keep the routine fresh so as to avoid the tendency to settle into a comfortable routine.    This month, Debbie came out the winner of a $30 gift certificate from House of Hair salon on 615 Washington Ave, Brooklyn (  Debbie’s resilience despite the holiday pressures will be rewarded with any many hair treatments or maybe their special treatments such as the 24k facial, organic manicure or their own cosmetics.   She expressed that being vegetarian really helps her to control her weight and portion control was her focus during the holiday season.

House of Hair sponsored prize - SocaSLIMDOWN

December SocaSLIMDOWN monthly prize sponsored - House of Hair

Christmas and New Years are around the corner and so SocaSlimmers are being encouraged to max out the days maintain their focus on their own personal goals while not putting too much pressure on themselves.    There are so many things to do around this time, so increasing stress and the effects of cortisol will do more harm than good. If anything, the lure of more prizes in January and a fresh start for the new year will keep the momentum going.


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