Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

An integral part of the SocaMotion model is creating classes that change with the season.   It is a concept, created by Onya West, to incorporate different disciplines as well as fight boredom and the plateau effect.    Soca music has so many different flavors that overlap with several musical genres and the people of the Caribbean reflect the entire ethnic spectrum and training.   SocaMotion embraces all of this within its business model.

The classes from the previous two seasons adapted to the activity levels and changes in metabolism for the season.  Here is the lineup for the Summer 2010 Wave and Fall 2010 Wave.


Fitness in waves - SocaMotion

SocaMotion follows the Wave Model and honors the Caribbean Sea that unites the region

Fall Wave 2010   (September to December)

Featured Carnival: Miami Broward Carnival – Oct 10


This class features elements of Caribbean stick fighting, mixed martial arts, and meditation.  Gain focus and balance in this zen class.


Yes, you can do Pilates to soca!   Target your core using the principles of Pilates and elements of Carnival culture.  Try out this class to learn about our hidden surprise element.


Toned arms are just a flag wave away. Get toned arms like Michelle Obama in this fun and visually exciting class.  Represent your own country or borrow one of ours.


Summer 2010 Wave  (July & August)

~ Featured Carnival: Labor Day in New York


Socaerobics is a high energy, fitness class!

Get your heart pumping to the rhythm of soca in this intense fitness class.   Join in the fun and sweat away the pounds and any worries in this high impact class.


Strengthen your abs and increase muscle tone!

Burn calories longer and build muscles and your abs using your own body weight as resistance.    Going outside of your comfort zone reaps great rewards!


Learn classic moves from yesteryear and the hottest moves from the club!

Remember the Dollar Wine? How about the Shadow?  Bet you don’t know the “Swappi”!  Learn these and more.   You will have so much fun that you won’t remember you are working out.


Soca can be smooth too.

Not into as much jumping and waving?  This low-impact class has easy transitions that are easier on your joints.   This class flows easily and calms your mind.


Carnival culture broken down to a science.

Do you know the history of soca music and Carnival in the Caribbean?  Come and learn it through dance and fitness!


This outdoor exercise class mimics exercise done around the Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, features signature moves and offers a special treat at the end.

Look out for our new classes for Spring 2011 to be announced on New Years Day!


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