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Today is 1.1.11.  The 1st day of the first month of the 11th year of the new millennium and it’s time for a new start.

Caribbean beach scene

Each season brings a new Wave of classes

We are working hard at SocaMotion to bring innovation and excitement to fitness and would like to announce some new projects that will launch this Winter 2011 Wave.

New Classes

We will be adding 2 new classes this season to keep your routine fresh and adapt to the changing temperature:


Think of your favorite stretching class…in a rum cake!

Usually rum cakes are fattening, but at SocaMotion we combine Caribbean aromatherapy, heat therapy and a specific sequence of stretching moves to help you ease stiff joints, increase your flexibility and develop long, lean, sexy limbs.  There are elements of different disciplines including pilates, yoga, and tai chi.  This low-impact, free flowing class is sure to help you relieve stress. (Classes start in January 2011)


Usually soca bands involve thousands of people jumping behind a music truck .  Well, at SocaMotion, SocaBands™ is a class that uses 2 very different types of resistance bands to tone muscles and even introduce a fun way to get your cardio with an air of playfulness! (Classes start in March 2011)

New Location!

We have added classes at another location near you in Brooklyn with more on the way in Manhattan.   In January, SocaMotion will be hosting classes at Full of Energy Dance Studio near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.   This great location right across the street from the subway will be the home to some of our classes near the hub of activity and beautiful park.  Details to follow.

Look out for announcements about other locations to be added in the city later this month.

SocaSLIMDOWN™ Weight Loss Challenge

Battle of the Boroughs! - Brooklyn vs. Queens

New SocaSLIMDOWN™ ~ Battle of the Boroughs!

Our main weight loss challenge with a grand prize of a 5-night stay in TOBAGO continues until the end of February in time for Carnival in Trinidad.    However, we will be hosting mini-SocaSLIMDOWNs to help those who want to start fresh for the new year in our Battle of the Boroughs:  Brooklyn vs. Queens.” Separate meetings will be held in each borough to guide participants through the 3-month process and the winner will win cash prizes.   The overall winner will gain the title of “Borough Champion SocaSlimmer™” with bragging rights for his/her borough in addition to a special grand prize to be announced soon.    (Details on Twitter and Facebook)

New Goals!

Don’t fall victim to the annual resolutions that don’t make it past the end of February.  Instead, set monthly goals or milestone rewards that will keep you going through the season and get you ready to show-off in the summer heat.   We have more classes to come to keep you interested and motivated.   Here is an article about monthly goals created by Life Fitness that was featured in Fit Bottomed Girls.

For more information, join our mailing list by sending an email to or call 347.560.9210.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at SocaMotion!

Note: All trademarks and contents are under the copyright of SocaMotion Fitness and Wellness © 2010


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