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SocaMotion has developed a special workout series that is a hybrid of exercises from SocaeRobix, SocaFlags and SocaStetix to get New Yorkers in Brooklyn and Queens ready for Trinidad Carnival!


Carnival is around the corner and many SocaMovers in New York are getting ready for the migration south to Trinidad!   Some make the pilgrimage every year while others are “Carnival Virgins” and will be participating for the first time.   For them and others who catch the Carnival spirit, the countdown has begun to March 7th and 8th when the main parades of the festival occur.  SocaMotion has taken this a step further by creating a “Carnival Countdown” workout series to get SocaMovers sexy and ready for the  season.


This workout series is a  charged-up version of group fitness classes that target the main fitness areas critical for Carnival survival: stamina, strength and agility.   Carnival season actually starts months prior to the beginning of the Lenten season and is bursting with various concerts, competitions and parties or fetes.   However, those who journey down from the US usually arrive the week before Carnival Monday and Tuesday at the peak of activity and are called
to engage in a concentrated succession of events with high activity and few periods of rest.   If you aren’t physically fit, you can miss out on a lot just trying to recover.   So, SocaMotion has developed a systematic series of workouts to mimic Carnival events and address the demands on the body.

CARNIVAL COUNTDOWN™ Workout Series - by SocaMotion


One of the major differences with the SocaMotion Carnival Countdown series is that it is lead by a Carnival veteran. Onya West, founder of SocaMotion, has “played mas” in Trinidad since age 6 as a bystander, masquerader and individual and has also participated in carnivals around the Caribbean, in the US, UK and Canada.   She understands the different ways that people experience Carnival and developed the workouts to maximize exercise during those key months before Carnival.  She can also advise you about preparations and planning for Carnival whether you plan to attend many fetes or want to experience more cultural events.

It is the worst feeling to struggle to catch the Carnival spirit because you are not familiar with the music. That’s why it is critical to hear the best, new soca music soon after it is released so that you can let it get under your skin and you can more easily slip into things when you touch down. We have developed a playlist online that you can listen to and become familiar with the new music.  At the classes, look out for surprise visits by local djs to make it feel like a fete for fitness!

The hybrid of toning, cardio and flag waving will feel more like a Carnival event and less like a workout.   That is only possible through the fusion of workouts developed by SocaMotion.  Finally, the Carnival Countdown features added bonuses including information from Trinidad about bands, events, and vacation planning.   More importantly it features SocaSLIMDOWN™ weight loss tips to help you shed a few unwanted pounds in healthy ways.  We do not advocate crash dieting especially just weeks before the festival.  Those who signed up for the original SocaSlLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge that started in October and ends in February are ahead of the game and took a steady pace over 5 months.   Come to the Carnival Countdown to get some tasty, Caribbean recipes and researched nutritional tips to help you look your best for the Carnival


Brooklyn is known to have the highest concentration of Caribbean people outside of the region, however we couldn’t neglect those who also live in neighboring Queens.  SocaMotion started offering classes at the Theatre of Dance Movement in St Albans last winter and will be bringing the Carnival Countdown to the people of Queens every Sunday at 12:30 pm. Of course, we will also offer our series on Eastern Parkway on Saturdays at 10 am at New You Aerobics & Fitness.


To really see results, you need to work out at least 3 times a week.    Those who are in Brooklyn have the option of attending multiple SocaMotion classes per week to tone your arms with SocaFlags™ on Mondays, whittle your waist in SocaStetix™ on Wednesdays, and then max out at the Carnival Countdown on Saturdays.   So, when one class a week is not enough, you can become a member at New You Aerobics and Fitness to save and attend these multiple classes to see more dramatic results.


We haven’t forgotten those who are not able to journey down to the “Best Show on Earth” at Trinidad Carnival for whatever reason.    The week before Carnival, we will host special sessions that will ease the longing for those who are not able to attend Carnival in Trinidad so that you can set your spirit free!


Email, call 347.560.9210 or check out our website for details. - official site for the SocaMotion movement – Official Website

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