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Well, they are launching very soon and the Carnival fever in New York is starting to rise.

Large and medium bands are getting ready to showcase their designs and services to their loyal participants while also trying to attract others to join in.   Just months after the Carnival season in Trinidad climaxed with the excitement of competitions in calypso, soca, and steel pan, New York is gearing up for a similar campaign.  SocaMotion™ will also be launching a new class called SocaBands™ that will use elastic bands for resistance and cardio.

SocaMotion at Labor Day 2010 - Ramajay

The Bands are coming for Labor Day!


The first celebrations of Carnival began in Harlem in the 1920s as waves of immigrants came to New York in search of economic opportunities and recreated their celebrations in private spaces.  In the mid-1940s, a street festival was organized on 7th Ave by Jesse Waddle (Wattle).  This parade continued until 1964 when the street permit was revoked following “disturbances” and then it was moved to Eastern Parkway by Carlos Lezama who obtained a permit in 1969.  (1)  Now, the Labor Day Carnival Parade has found its home on the Parkway close to areas of Brooklyn, such as Bed Stuy and Crown Heights, that are densely populated with people of Caribbean Heritage.  Mas camps and pan yards are scattered throughout Nostrand Park and Church Ave and will soon see increased activity through limes and social events put on by the various costume bands and steel pan organizations.


Some of the medium and larger costume bands in New York have announced their themes and launch dates.  Some will create their own unique designs while others will incorporate successful costumes from carnival bands in Trinidad, Barbados and other Caribbean nations.  Here are some of the launch dates and themes for the larger bands ~

Borokeete Mas ~ “Las Vegas After Dark” on June 11  at Club Venus, 1819 Utica Ave, Brooklyn


Exotica Mas ~ “La Bal de La Masquerade” on June 11th at Char-Lena Chateau, 3820 Church Ave, Brooklyn

Ramajay Mas ~ “A Night of a Thousand Dreams” on June 12th at 920 E 92nd St, Brooklyn NY

Sesame Flyers Inc ~ “Brazilia….for the Love of Carnaval”  on May 28th at Oceana Hall, 1029 Brighton Beach Avenue

Stay tuned for updates about other band launches for medium and small bands.

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The SocaMotion fitness model creates differed classes for each season to keep things fresh, fight boredom, and continue to deliver results.   This season will feature the new class SocaBands which will feature elastic bands used for both resistance and cardio in a unique way. The elastic bands will help to tone both your upper and lower body while not jolting the joints.  They will also be used in unique and fun cardio moves that are interactive and can be adapted for different ages.   Stay tuned for more details about this new SocaMotion class coming to a class near you.

SocaMotion Fitness and Wellness

SocaMotion™ ....Move Your Mas!


Will you be joining a costume band this summer for the West Indian American Day Carnival?  Being in a band puts you in the center of the action and also gives you access to events that begin in Spring and last throughout the summer and into fall.  Will you be part of the events and competitions for the Labor Day Season such as Dimache Gras calypso competition or Panorama to see which steel band organization will take the crown this year from Pan Sonatas?  Check in with the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) to learn more about the events on the calendar and how you can get involved.

SocaMotion “Behind the Scenes at Labor Day Carnival 2010”


(1) Norman, Elaine. “West Indian Carnival” article by the Brooklyn Public Library


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