Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

When I grew up in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, there were few gyms in the country and no culture of exercising indoors.  I grew up walking with my family to Queens Park Savannah, a circular park in the center of the capital, and going to walk, run and exercise in the open air with my family.   Many other city dwellers would walk over to the Savannah or even drive over, to enjoy the historical buildings, botanical garden and beautiful scenery.

SocaSavannah™ mimics that model by integrating walking and low-impact dance fitness moves held outdoors while also highlighting movements used during the J’ouvert celebrations during Carnival.

SocaSavannah Walking Fitness Class like in Trinidad - SocaMotion

Tradition of walking around the Savannah in Trinidad

In Brooklyn, we were fortunate enough to find a circular path that evokes the circular Savannah in Trinidad and is already a hub of outdoor activity for the people of Crown Heights.  We meet on Sundays at 6 pm during the warmer months to warm up around that path and then enjoy outdoor exercise with signature SocaMoves and unique styles of walking and dancing.  There are some aspects of SocaRobix™, SocaStetix™ and SocaFlags™ but this class is specially designed for the whole family and those who may not be able to handle the impact of our more strenuous classes.

This is the 2nd year of SocaSavannah in New York and this series will start on Sunday, 8 May, which happens to be Mother’s Day.  We will start off with a bang with a SocaStea™l where Mom’s come free.  You can treat your mom to a more healthy activity for her special day. You also have the option of donating your admission to our Team for the AIDS Walk on Sunday, 15 May to be held in Central Park.  Just as we raised money for the fight against breast cancer last year, we are joining the fight against AIDS and highlighting how we “soca-fy” even when we walk.

SocaSavannah™ Walking Fitness

Sundays @ 6 pm

Starting May 8 (Mother’s Day)

Lincoln Terrace Park (Buffalo Ave & Eastern Parkway)

Brooklyn, New York

$5 cash admission


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