Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

SocaMovers who have attended our classes know that we sweat – aka “glow” – regularly.

Different classes make us sweat for different reasons – like impact, focused toning, or heat therapy – but we are no strangers to some natural shine.

But what about sweating at a party?

That’s not a foreign concept for us either.   Common attire for your typical soca fetes (parties) is shorts, sneakers, cotton shirts and a flag.   With all of the jumping, waving and wining, sweating is a natural reaction as your body seeks to keep cool in venues packed with people taking their energy to the max.

However, Grae Enterprises has taken things even further with a phenomenon called The Sweat Party.”

The Sweat Party is a unique combination of fitness, wellness and lifetime that is taking over New York.

The Sweat Party logo

The Sweat Party ~ where fitness and wellness meets nightlife

For over a year, Grae Enterprises has been hosting events where people come to sweat.   You are invited to come and have a good time while taking care of yourself inside and out.   Tim Grae, Founder of Grae Enterprises, created the concept and then partnered with DJ CEO, DJ Snatch-1, and dancehall choreographer Hanna Herbertson.  The concept of  improving “the lives of others through the means of dance” has expanded into a series of parties held at different top-notch venues that gets people moving through dance and fitness.  Instead of hosting parties every month, Sweat Parties are now held every 2 months around the City with a variety of fitness and wellness offerings.   Now, you can win prizes by taking the most steps recorded by a pedometer,  get a chair massage, check your blood pressure, and sample some of the fitness phenomenons out there.

SocaMotion has now participated in 2 Sweat Parties. The first was the only Sweat Party held in Brooklyn that was held at The Palace at 713 Nostrand Ave as a tribute to Black Owned Businesses (BOBs) and the Notorious B.I.G.   We were elated to experience an energy-charged Zumba session with Lisa G RockaZumbaway, phenomenal calisthenics by the Bar-barians and great choregraphy by Hanna Herbertson.   Then the party began and DJ CEO and Snatch played such an eclectic mixture of music that you couldn’t help but dance.   There was house music, hip hop, dancehall, soca, salsa and more.  Also, there were dancers in the crowd who kept things moving just in case you get tempted to hold up the wall and tap out.

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 On Saturday 21 May, SocaMotion joined in for Sweat Party X at Tribeca Cinemas.  Onya and Davin, both Tauruses, celebrated their birthdays to the fullest with family and friends in the crowd.   Tribeca Cinemas was a great location for the Sweat Party with a mezzanine level for the VIP Wellness Hour with massage, blood pressure checks and more.  The elevated setup also allowed the Bar-barians to show off their skills in acrobatic calisthenics and chin-ups.  It was great to see women even try their hand and it and be supported by the crowd.

We decided to come out with a bang for our first demo at the Sweat Party and represented as a “Soca Tribe” with Onya and America representing for pretty mas and Davin and Mike representing for body-paint mas.    Onya even wore a headpiece created by Caribbean Passion in black and her official “Move Your Mas!” t-shirt.  After handing out blue flags, we took the energy from 0-to-60 with uptempo soca by Bobo, Kes, Machel, Benjai, Alison Hinds, and JW & Blaze.    The crowd got into it and were moving in a frenzy Carnival-style.  After a quick break for everyone to get some water, we had a short lesson of Wining School which broke Sweat Steppers out of the mold of their default wines.  Let’s just say that a quick Palance broke them from their trance and they were ready for what came up next.

SocaMotion at the Sweat Party X - Tribeca Cinemas

SocaMotion Family represents at the Sweat Party (headpiece by Caribbean Passion)

Le Femme Suite brought some serious sensuality to Sweat Party X with killer moves on the pole and on the dance floor.  Ladies were both shy and empowered as they watched the women snake up and down the pole with ease.    The pictures taken don’t do it justice.  Then Lisa ended the Wellness hour with another fun Zumba session featuring some of the latest music and some new moves.  The Latin flavor was just what the doctor ordered to set the energy high for the rest of the party.

Can you believe that was just the warm-up?  The party hadn’t even begun.

 Dancers from the House Dance Project and hip hop dancers, Ant Boogiee and DJ Dubbz brought in the mix as the Sweat Djs spun hip hop, some old school, dancehall and even some more soca.  (you know we were waiting).

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So, if you feel bad that you missed it, there’s a good reason for that.   Sorry it’s true.  These events are truly unique and a lot of fun to get you moving in a new way and experiencing a mixture of music.

The next Sweat Party will be in July, location TBA.

Also look out for notices about Sweat Classes coming soon….


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