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With less than 30 days to Carnival 2012 in Trinidad and Tobago, we know that SocaMovers and SocaSlimmers are trying to get their bodies ready for the festival .

It’s crunch time to put the finishing touches on the hard work that we have put in over the previous months.  It is also a dangerous times when some who do not feel as ready adopt unhealthy habits to lose weight in this short period of time. 

Rather than host a short weight loss challenge in time for Carnival in mid-February that may encourage crash dieting, we decided to help by sharing healthy weight loss tips to help members of our community to lose weight and get healthy.  Carnival in Trinidad is a season of fun and cultural events that really starts in the days after Christmas and comes to a climax on the weekend before the start of Lent.  The next month will be a flurry of parties, fetes, concerts, and competitions.  We hope that the information that we share can help people in the Caribbean and around the world to make healthy and effective choices to look and feel their best.

The following are the posts from this past week to answer questions members of Socamotion class and our followers online have asked us.  Stay tuned for more tips and healthy Caribbean recipes next week on facebook and on Twitter @SocaSLIMDOWN

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Q ~ “What is a reasonable amount of weight to try to lose in time for Carnival”?
A ~ 8-10 pounds is a reasonable range to lose in 1 month with little room for error. You will see small changes in your shape and size but will feel much better in your own skin.

Q ~ “Can I drink alcohol between now and Carnival and still lose weight?”
A ~ Yes but you will make it much harder on yourself.
Alcohol has a lot of “empty calories” that have little nutritional value. Your favorite cocktail or rum & coke can pack about 200 calories which doesn’t do too much damage but alcohol has a tendency to make you eat more afterwards with late night munchies. Your metabolism also slows.

Q ~ “Does that new HCG diet really work?” 
A ~ Yes, but there are many caveats. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced by pregnant women to make fat stores accessible to provide energy for babies. Effective HCG diets are medically supervised with 500 calories a day. HCG drops require less supervision but are not standardized. You still need to keep calories below 1200. (Read comments for more)…There are no longitudinal studies on the side effects of HCG and some patients have suffered from malnutrition and muscular wasting. The safest way is to enter a medically supervised program.

Q ~ “I was planning to just go vegetarian till Carnival. That should work right?” 
A ~ Sort of. Increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits is a great way to lose weight and get the nutrients that you need. However, some people struggle to go cold turkey and increase their intake of carbs, grains and dairy. Educate yourself on sources of plant based protein and keep healthy snacks and water handy.

There will be more posts next week

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