Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

We have an “assignment” for you as part of your SocaSLIMDOWN and carnival preparation ~

Get in front of your mirror, turn on your favorite soca music, and pose off!

Try different positions in different outfits for the fete, the road, club, lime…whatever comes your way.  Be sure to practice action shots because carnival is not for standing.   Wherever you will be this carnival season, so will the carnival paparazzi representing various newspapers, websites, media houses and for their own “private collection.”   So this task is about being ready, finding your best angle and showing off your best features.

SocaMovers love this challenge because we’ve been moving our mas all year long and have lots that we want you to see  (with some discretion of course).

So go ahead…try it out.  Better yet, find one of those long store fronts with shiny windows on 5th Ave and practice moving down the road!  😉


Socamotion Paparazzi assignment - practice posing

Practice finding your best angles!


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