Fitness & Wellness with Caribbean music and food

June is here and it’s time to take center stage…


Launch Yourself in June 2012 - Socamotion

It’s time for you to take center stage

Launch your dreams

Launch your goals

Launch your plan

Launch your action!

If bands can do it… and large ships can do it….you can launch your own journey towards achievement and happiness.

Take full advantage of Caribbean Heritage Month to explore your history, seize the power of  your culture and energy of your music to propel yourself to greatness.  It is more that possible….it is probable…that all of the positive energy generated will propel you forward at a rate you never experienced before.

What change do you want to see in your life?  What goal do you want to aspire and achieve?  What experience do you want to live to the fullest?  Mark your destination in your mind and launch your self!

Power Of Soca

Soca music is the ultimate music to move you.  Forget what your grade school math teacher taught you, the shortest distance between two points is through soca.   Let the power of soca be on your side this summer make your launch a success.  Press play and set the pace of your journey.   Listen to the lyrics and let the good words put you in a good mood and make progress inevitable.   Be inspired by the artists that create and levitate the art form to the ultimate heights.

As we have shown in our twitter game #NextLine on @Socamotion1, there are soca lyrics for almost any occasion.  Pick your own theme song for your launch and play it over and over when you hit your stride or if you are having trouble stepping forward.    If you find yourself on a backslide then “Don’t back-back!”.  Get your gameface on and get the right “Attitude” to help you succeed.   If things in life are getting in your way then take the “Stress Away” and focus on your priorities.

Get Fit for Carnival

Socamotion Fitness and Wellness is here if your goals involve improved fitness and weight loss.   We have so many ways for you to get moving and stay moving throughout the summer so that exercise will not feel like a chore and healthy eating won’t feel like a diet.   Lookout for indoor and outdoor classes in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens that will “turn your workout into a carnival” with fun flags and whistles, live dj music, trained instructors, and a variety of styles and choreography.   SocaSLIMDOWN 3 is also starting soon where you can lose weight using Caribbean food and win Caribbean prizes.   In this round of the weight loss challenge, we will also feature the SocaSLIMDOWN Express which is a 30-day plan to help you lose weight in a healthy way quickly to help you jump-start your plans or quickly prepare for your debut on Eastern Parkway.

The World is Your Stage….LAUNCH YOURSELF!

Picture yourself as a carnival star where the spotlight is yours and the world is your oyster… make that dream a reality this summer.   You have your theme song….you have your soca soundtrack….you have your tools with Socamotion….now is your time to GO!!

SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge Caribbean Socamotion

Lose weight with Caribbean food and prizes

Turn your workout into a Carnival with Socamotion -

Turn your workout into a Carnival with Socamotion!


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