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Socamotion Carnival Giveaway 2 ~ Free Classes, Love Soca Earrings, Soca Monarch PPV


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Get free Socamotion Wave Cards!

Carnival in Trinidad is less than a week away and you can feel the excitement!

Socamotion is offering a second week of giveaways in the spirit of carnival with a different structure.  You still have to “Comment 2 Win” through a variety out social media outlets, but now there are more prizes to win and more ways to increase your odds.  Over the next 5 days we will be offering 5 prizes and entries are cumulative.

Love Soca Earrings by Aye Shanti Designs

"Love Soca" Earrings by Aye Shanti Designs

Here is a listing of our 5 prizes to be given out over the next 5 days ~ 

Day 1 ~ A free 1-class Socamotion Wave Card 

Day 2 ~ “Love Soca” earrings by Aye Shanti Designs ~ Dolleen

Day 3 ~ A free 2-class Socamotion Wave Card ~ Ondie

Day 4 ~ PPV for the International Soca Monarch Finals online ~ Jessica

Day 5 ~ A free 3-class Socamotion Wave Card

International Soca Monarch 2012 Buy Pass for the Finals

Get a PPV Buy Pass for the Soca Monarch Finals

Comment 2 Win! ~ 

Why does Soca music make you move? 

Comment through any of the following ways to be entered into our giveaway drawings.  The earlier you enter, the more you can win.  Comments made on the first day will be entered into the drawing for the 1st prize.  Those who do not will be entered into future prizes until all have been distributed.

You can enter our giveaway by: 

~ Posting your reply on this blog post

~ Comment on facebook page and group postings (“liking” them is not enough, sorry)

~ Add yourself to our mailing list and  email to submit your comments directly

~ Reply via Twitter @Socamotion1

~ Comment in our Meetup Group

All responses must be submitted by midnight each day and the winner will be announced the following morning.

Socamotion Carnival Giveaway ~ “Move Your Mas” T-shirt and Carnival Brag Book

The Carnival season fills us with so much excitement that we just feel like giving away to share the joy!

The music is hype, the costumes are gorgeous and the fetes in New York have us ready for ACTION!

So we are offering a giveaway of  our signature “Move Your Mas” t-shirt in orange, blue or black in your size of regular or baby doll styles as well as a Carnival Brag Book by Aye Shanti that helps you collect your carnival memories on its colorful pages.   The contest will begin today (Wednesday 8 February) and end on Friday 10 February at 12 midnight.   The winner will be selected at random and announced this Saturday and the prizes will be sent to you. 

Socamotion "Move Your Mas" tshirt in orange

Win a signature Socamotion t-shirt!

There are multiple ways to win:

~ Comment on this blog post about why you love Socamotion classes or would like to try a class in the near future or why you love soca music

~ Like our facebook page and comment on the status about this giveaway about your love for Socamotion

~ Add yourself to our mailing listfacebook group or on Twitter @Socamotion1 and comment on the Socamotion movement

~ Email to submit your comments directly.

Carnival Brag Book by AyeShanti

Win a Carnival Brag Book by AyeShanti

Enter 2 win!