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My First Carnival in Trinidad {Guest Post}

Below is a guest post by La Toya Sutton, friend to SocaMotion and a lawyer based in Washington DC.   She is a West Indian American who enjoyed Carnival in Trinidad for the first time with friends in Island People’s band and a short vacation in Tobago afterwards.  Enjoy some highlights of the festival season through the eyes of this “Carnival virgin.”


I was unprepared for Trinidad Carnival. Not quite literally, I had travel arrangements and accommodations perfected in advance, arrangements for costume pick up – very important for the overseas reveller – and a suitcase stuffed with short pants, shiny tights, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, sparkling body glitter, and, of course, something to wave. I thought checking things off this list would prepare me for this amazing event I was about to participate in. What I wasn’t prepared for was how fulfilled and happy this experience would make me feel. It wasn’t just about partying from night til dawn or the all you can drink privileges that come with being part of a band. It was the emotional connection of being part of a cultural phenomenon that clearly plays a key part in the lives of almost everyone we met that took my breath away. For that, I was not prepared.


Carnival Virgin and SocaMotion Guest Post author, La Toya Sutton