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“How Carnival Keeps Me Fit” {Guest post} by Elle Boogiee

Many thanks to Elle Boogiee for contributing this great post that shows how the Carnival spirit and global schedule can help provide motivation to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle.  Elle is a Trinidadian living in the US,   who describes herself as a “Soca lover” and “Carnival junkie” and travels the world participating in different festivals.   She has kept herself “carnival-ready” by developing healthy habits of consistent exercise and healthy eating.  

Elle Boogiee for guest post for SocaMotion

Elle Boogiee is a self-proclaimed a "Carnival Junkie"

How Carnival keeps me fit

 by Elle Boogiee

The moment was finally here!

With carnival costume in hand, I jumped into my car and hustled home to try on my eagerly awaited costume.  It was time to see how my 3 weeks of dieting paid off.  With pure excitement I delicately tried on my ‘barely there’ costume to have my first ‘jump up’ in my bedroom mirror.   The waist band fit a bit snug but I did not think much of it – nothing a minor adjustment with Velcro couldn’t fix.  The bra was a little stifling but I figured it was only because of the beef roti I had earlier that day.   Arm piece on, foot gear in place, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  Yet when I looked at myself in front of the mirror, I quickly felt like the kid with no Christmas presents because I was fat.

Now I was by no means obese, but what I was looking at was far from a ‘carnival-ready’ body.  I had an unpleasant muffin top and back fat falling out the sides of my bra.  I was in tears.  It was evident that the Christmas ham and black cake won the battle. At that moment I vowed that it would be the last time and I would win the war.

Something had to change.