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10 Soca Songs for Your Spring Socamotion Playlist

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Hey SocaMovers!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for tips on how to jump start your workouts for Spring.  One guaranteed way to get you to Move Your Mas is to plug some fiery hot soca music into your iPod .

Here is a list of the 10 must-haves on your Socamotion playlist ~

(the order is somewhat significant…but we reserve the right to change our minds 😉

1. Bucket by Swappi

2. Miss Behave by Fay Ann Lyons

3. Born Ready by Bunji Garlin

4. Pump Yuh Flag by Machel Montano

5. Precision Wine by Kes The Band                    

Socamotion Top 10 Spring Soca ~ "Bucket" by Swappi soca 2012

Socamotion Top 10 Spring Soca ~ "Bucket" by Swappi

6. Badder Dan We by Shurwayne Winchester and Popcaan

7.  Bacchanalist by Kerwin DuBois

8. Link Up by Destra Garcia

9. Single Forever by Ki Persad

10. People’s Champion by Benjai

Oh my goodness!   Have we reached 10 already?

I think we’re going to need another list, but this is good enough to get you started.

What songs would you add? Add them in the comments below or tweet them to @Socamotion1

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